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In recent years, eyewear has celebrated an unprecedented rise in the fashion world. Fashion designers have created entire collections around this useful character statement. They can be combined with a wide variety of outfits and, in terms of design, there are no limits to the imagination.
Many celebrities wear glasses as a stylish fashion accessory without suffering from a visual impairment.
Be flexible and decide which eyewear design best accentuates your look. Do you like it classic, modern or more extravagant?

(The ready-to-wear glasses as a fashion accessory)

Figoline offers a wide collection of reading glasses in 18 designs and 5 strengths (+1.0 dpt, +1.5 dpt, +2.0 dpt, +2.5dpt, +3.0 dpt). With a weight of only approx. 18 grams, the high-quality models provide optimum wearing comfort - even over several hours.
Combine the different designs playfully with handbags, shoes and ties.